Christmas Party outfit pick from GoJane… week 1 (navigating your way through your holiday parties )


Off The Chain Sequin Dress : GOJANE
This can camouflage as a sexy short dress if you are brave enough and happen to be spending Christmas with your significant other or friends. It can also be worn with shorts. I would go for a darker toned sequin short if you want to glitter all night.


Snaky Ruffle Midi Dress: GO JANE
I find this dress incredibly sexy and it has nothing to do with the extra cleavage. I love the color combination, the print and the precision with which it fits. Now here is a little Tip: Do something about pulling the fabric a little bit closer for a more decent and classy sexy look. You do not want people across the dinner table wondering if you were a stripper, or simply having other people wives and girlfriends ready to kill their significant other on your account. And if you have family members, am sure they are all looking for a large manly coat to throw over you. :)


Double Surplice Velvet Dress: GO JANE
Sexy and tasteful. See this is the maximum amount of cleavage to be shown. Prefect length and symmetry and perfect fit. I personally love the sweeping motion and the way it just cinches the model’s waist.

i decided to make a list.┬áIf you are like me, you might be tired of the typical body con dresses, pleated dresses etc that is the usual staple for Christmas parties.THIS WEEK’S PICKS are picks from GOJANE So every week until New Years day, i will post some wonderful outfits i find uniquely worthy of breaking outside of the expected holiday cheer. Continue reading